Characters Come Alive

Now that you've sparked your story it's time to catch fire.  That's right, it's time to create characters and bring them to life. Most literary writers say that you must begin with character, character, character, because all stories revolve around compelling characters, so if you want to write great fiction start with great characters. But what does…Read more Characters Come Alive

One Thing More Valuable than Time and Money

People (especially Americans) say time is money. But the fact is both of these commodities are wasted without ATTENTION. Let there be no mistake, attention is power. When we apply attention to time it's magnified and when we apply attention to money it’s multiplied. I’ve got all kinds of quotes for you: In business: "Attention…Read more One Thing More Valuable than Time and Money

Brain Training for Expatriate Writers

You've taken a risk. You're brave enough to get out into the world and away from your family and friends. You're going to live and work abroad as an expatriate writer. I know it and you know it. The fact is that you are embarking on an extremely meaningful life. Except that when you finally get a chance…Read more Brain Training for Expatriate Writers

Journaling: Make Life Braver.

You HAVE to journal. Yes you. It engages you in your life, making everything more exciting. And if life starts to get too exciting, you already have this calm and faithful habit to help you work things out. Journaling is a natural metabolizing process for our thoughts, and therefore your wildest dreams. In fact it´s kind of weird…Read more Journaling: Make Life Braver.