Brain Training for Expatriate Writers

You've taken a risk. You're brave enough to get out into the world and away from your family and friends. You're going to live and work abroad as an expatriate writer. I know it and you know it. The fact is that you are embarking on an extremely meaningful life. Except that when you finally get a chance…Read more Brain Training for Expatriate Writers

Humility: The Best Kept Secret for Universal Communication

One thing that blocks people from using their second language is fear of making mistakes. Here's the big secret, making mistakes is a HUGE advantage in connecting with other people. In fact, if you're single and want to get out more, just throw in a few extra grammatical errors for good measure, and I bet you…Read more Humility: The Best Kept Secret for Universal Communication

Journaling: Make Life Braver.

You HAVE to journal. Yes you. It engages you in your life, making everything more exciting. And if life starts to get too exciting, you already have this calm and faithful habit to help you work things out. Journaling is a natural metabolizing process for our thoughts, and therefore your wildest dreams. In fact it´s kind of weird…Read more Journaling: Make Life Braver.

Oh, the Places You´ll Go…

I teach at a bilingual private school in Bogotá, Colombia, and a short while ago I was opening up new preschool material with another American expat, who was living abroad for the first time.  Among the books was Dr. Seuss's classic: Oh The Places You´ll Go. Somehow my young friend had made it all the way to 24 without…Read more Oh, the Places You´ll Go…

Why Tortoise Beats Hare: The Advantages of Gradual Success

Have you ever been asked how you accomplished something and answered, "I don´t know, it must have been luck!" I haven't. Why? Because every time I've accomplished anything I've put in the hours, dealt with rejection, re-strategized and put in more hours before crossing the finish line. And if I had to, I´d do it…Read more Why Tortoise Beats Hare: The Advantages of Gradual Success